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Hello! I'm Takayuki Hirota, developer of our new add-on tool for JIRA. 
It has been a nice Cherry Blossom season and we can see a flurry of cherry blossom petals... May I congratulate those who have just entered a school and started a new year at a school. There is an elementary school right in front of my house and I can see very cute first graders with school bags that are much bigger for them to carry. 

Well, in this blog, I am going to introduce our new add-on, Issue Editor for JIRA, just made its debut. 

Excel is powerful

What type of software are you using for project task management or software bug management? Issue management tools such as Atlassian JIRA and Redmine have been gaining recognition, however, it is true that spreadsheet type of software such as Excel has still been a wide use of issue management. 

In spite the fact that Excel does not have specific features for task management or bug management, Excel has been widely used for so long. The reasons are probably Excel does not require special training and also it is already installed in enormous number of computers. 

Needs for Excel like features in JIRA

Even though Excel is commonly used, in order to do a good performance, specialized tools are absolutely must. To proceed with a project smoothly, it is true that a software tool such as JIRA is necessary. What can we do to convince Excel users to understand good and useful points of project management tool by encouraging them to try JIRA? I am sure that project managers and leaders are distressed every day. 

We, Ricksoft, as an Atlassian experts for quite a few years, put thoughts about the feature with our customers. We wish if we could the JIRA interface look just like Excel and JIRA itself easier even for a little bit! 

Issue Editor for JIRA's Debut

Issue Editor for JIRA was developed based on the voices of our customers who were utilizing JIRA in on site. Excel like spreadsheet is placed on the JIRA screen, so you can edit JIRA issues (In JIRA, each task or bug is called "Issue")  just like regular spreadsheets. 

Seeing is believing. 
Please check out this 5-min video.  

Main Features

Here are a list of some main features of Issue Editor for JIRA

  • Display lots of issues in a spreadsheet
  • Narrow down by sorting or filtering
  • In-line editing of various fields
  • Copy and paste to Excel sheet
  • Display hierarchy of epic, stories, and subtasks
  • Copy an issue or create subtasks by right clicking of the mouse
  • Switch parent issues by dragging and dropping an issue
  • Compatible with WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA of Ricksoft family

And many other features that fulfill the needs. 

Let's try!

Issue Editor for JIRA is also published in Atlassian Markplace, and installation could be done quickly as long as JIRA is present. 30 day evaluation licenses are available, so please give it a try! 

From next time, we are going to focus on one feature of Issue Editor for JIRA in each blog post. 
Until then!!  

(English Translation by Miyuki Sawada)